Code of

Code of Good Practice for Talent Scouts

Good Talent Scouts..

..Maintain a Personal Approach

Good Talent Scouts contact potential candidates in a personal, professional and courteous manner.

..Communicate Transparently

Good Talent Scouts work with great transparency. They communicate to their friends and acquaintances addressed why they recommend a job (e.g. help in finding a job, special fit of the job or company, possibility of reward).

..Ensure a Good Fit

Good Talent Scouts have a clear overview of the job description information. They can therefore assess which of their friends or acquaintances fits the information (e.g. qualification, team, vision). Of course, the decision of the application lies with the applicant.

..Maintain Their Network

Good Talent Scouts have a great network in one or more job fields (e.g. marketing, finance, programming) and maintain it. You know many potential candidates personally and enjoy a high level of trust with them.

Particulary Good Talent Scouts.. 😉

..Share Jobs on Social Media

Particularly good Talent Scouts do not only use personal contact but also wider channels (e.g. LinkedIn Post, Instagram Story) to inform a larger network about exciting jobs. Here they post specifically those jobs that could be interesting for a broader group of people.

..Maintain the Jomigo Community.

Particularly good Talent Scouts actively exchange information with other Talent Scouts in order to give each other tips on good practices and to constantly develop their own skills.

..Conduct Interviews With the Candidates.

Particularly good Talent Scouts do a little interviewing with friends and acquaintances who are unhappy in their jobs to find out what kinds of jobs and companies might be exciting for them.

.. invite their friends

Particularly good Talent Scouts invite their friends to become active Talent Scouts as well, helping even more people find fulfilling jobs.


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