Regional Sales Manager

“We decided to give our challenging Regional Sales roles to Jomgio and we don’t regret it! Jomigo always presented us great candidates we could win for our sales team"

Martin Esders
Managing Director
Invited to interview


Esders GmbH, Technology with a passion!

In the north-west of Germany, in Haselünne in the Emsland region, we have been developing measuring and warning devices, software and system solutions for the gas and biogas sector and for the water and wastewater sector since 1989. Our products and services solve problems for utilities, pipeline constructors, plumbers and service providers.

In addition to development and production, sales and service are also located in our company-owned office and production building. It is one of our principles that we are available to you for maintenance, functional testing and repair of all devices in a competent and partner-like way.


  • Hiring regularly new Regional Sales Managers in Germany without having local expertise in the different federal states is difficult
  • Lack of qualified candidates with their own recruitment channels (website applications, LinkedIn Job ad, etc.)
  • Building an in-house team for those roles does not make sense and would be too time consuming
  • Urgently need to fill these positions to support growth and replace retiring staff

How we helped

  • We had an in-depth discussion with Esders GmbH to understand what type of profiles they are looking for, what type of culture they have, etc.
  • We assigned the right recruiters straight away and delivered great candidates within 7-10 days on average for each of the sales roles
  • We placed 100% of the gigs we got for the sales department.
  • Our average interview to hire ratio is 30%

Case Study Review
Hiring a couple of Regional Sales Manager in Germany (West, South and East)
Measurement technology
Company details
  • Founded: 1989
  • Employee: >150
  • Locations: Germany (HQ), Netherlands, China, Poland, Brasil