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"We engaged Jomigo to fill a particularly challenging technical position. Incredibly, they introduced the ideal candidate in just 4 days! Beyond her great technical expertise, she's a natural fit with our team's dynamic."

Jannis Tsalikis
Head of HR
4 days
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4 weeks
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Lautsprecher Teufel is one of the largest German manufacturers of audio products. The product range extends from hi-fi, home cinema and multimedia systems to headphones and Bluetooth speakers. The company began in 1979 in Berlin with the development of speaker kits and is now Europe's No. 1 direct seller of audio products.

Since its founding, the company has been setting trends in topics such as stereo and surround sound or portable solutions. Good sound has always been Teufel's top priority, with countless awards from consumers and the trade press testifying to its success. Teufel is only available from Teufel, and the products are exclusively available through direct sales.


  • Brand awareness of Teufel is quite high and they get many applicants regularly. Most of the time, the candidates are not skilled enough or do not fit on a cultural level
  • Some interesting candidates only wanted to work fully remote but the company believes more in an hybrid culture and therefore struggled to get a right cultural fit
  • Find someone experienced in ecommerce and scalable tech projects
  • Find someone with strong backend skills (Symphony) and with a full stack mindset
  • Get more diversity in the team and bring the right soft skills (someone curious, with growth mindset and communicative) to unfold/flourish in the team

How we helped

  • We immediately assigned 3 Talent Scouts who have a very good track record in similar positions (out of more than 20 highly skilled recruiters who wanted to work on the assignment)
  • We were able  to provide 3 highly qualified candidates within the first week of search, of which one got the job after 3 rounds of interviews and case study
  • We accompanied Teufel along the hiring process and managed a smooth communication between all parties involved
Case Study Review
Hiring of an experienced Senior PHP Backend Developer
Manufacturer of audio products
Company details
  • Founded: 1979
  • Employees: ≈ 200
  • Headquarter: Berlin, Germany